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1. The Director is responsible for the Strategic Management of the Department Corporate, Community and Development Services to ensure the achievement of the Department’s strategic objectives and its developmental and Service delivery obligations.

2. Develop and monitor policies at the strategic management level to ensure its purposefulness and efficiency.

3. Plans, coordinates and manages activities of the Corporate Services Department to ensure the delivery of the Department

• HR Services

• Administration Support [secretariat: Agendas, minutes, reports and items],property administration, Auxiliary Services, Translation Services, including communication and public relations, management of Halls, and Library Services.

• Disaster Management and Traffic and Protection Services.

4. Manages Performance of Employees in the Department to ensure optimal work performance.

5. Plans and Manages utilization of resources in order to ensure optimal utilization of all resources needed to perform activities.

6. Provide administrative support systems for the municipality to ensure that the institutional transformation is managed and coordinated.

• Coordinate public participation

• Ensure that the Tender process is carried out with regard to advertising tenders for the entire municipality.

• Overall managing the passing and advertising of by-laws to ensure that a legislative support system is in place.

• Oversee the management of contracts for administration related activities to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

7. Overall management of comprehensive human resources management policies and processes to ensure that the efficient HR systems and procedures, compliant with HR management legislation and practices, are maintained in the municipality.

• Overall management of the municipality’s Employment Equity Plan [EEP]

• Overall management of the Municipality’s WORKPLACE Skills Plan [WSP] and related skills development               processes.

• Developing and recommending appropriate Organizational Structure.

8. Monitoring and implementation of the Performance Management System [PMS] to ensure the proper functioning of Performance appraisals.

• Linking PMS to the IDP

• Assist with the development of an organizational PMS for the Municipality and for own division.

• Develop Key Performance Indicators [KPI’s] in consultation with the Municipal Manager and Heads of Departments.

• Develop a budget for the PMS.

9. Provide Internal and External Newsletter and Municipal Webpage to ensure that the information regarding the actions of the municipality are made known to internal and external customers.

10. Promote / Assist with Local Economic Development issues to ensure that the Department complies with requirements regarding IDP/LED issues