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Responsible for the establishment and maintenance of a strategic management system for the municipality as a whole to ensure the achievement of the municipality`s strategic objectives and its developmental and service delivery obligations.


Reponsible and accountable for the formation and development of an economical, efficient and accountable administration as head of the administration to ensure that the objectives of sound governance principles (as depicted in the Constitution of the RSA and compliant with section 51 of the Systems Act, 32/2000) be achieved.


Oversee the implementation and maintenance of the municiplity`s integrated development plan (IDP) toensure the proper execution of the IDP.


Stategic management of the effective and efficient provision of services to the local community to ensure that services are delivered in a sustainable and equitable manner.


Responsible and accountable for various financial management duties as Accounting Officer of the Municipality in terms of the Municipal Fianance Managemant Act (56/2003), to ensure accountability of the Municipality`s finance.


Develop and monitor policies at the strategic management level to ensure its proposefulness and efficiency.