Festive Message From The Mayor PDF Print

As the year draws to a close we all have to wow look it propecia for male baldness take some time to reflect on what progress we have made in pursuit of the best price viagra australia objectives and ideals we have set for ourselves during this year. As we break for the season, let us all embrace compassion and be considerate to those who are less fortunate. Let us strive to revive our morals and may we seize the opportunity provided by the festive spirit to reconcile as communities and as individuals so that we may live in peace, prosperity and harmony.

May we enter the year 2014 with renewed courage to work even harder towards our common goal of building a better life for all. Let us learn from our experiences of the past and good choice build on the solid foundation we have laid. May we enter the new year with vigour, enthusiasm and the determination to build an even better Emthanjeni Municipality.

I urge all of you to india viagra be vigilant, patient, tolerant and understanding on our roads. Bear in mind that we all anticipate reaching our festive destinations safely. May we extend a helping hand to those in need and let us protect our vulnerable children and people.

Let us embrace Christmas with a renewed belief in family unity and spirit. Let us beautify our houses in keeping with the http://www.workforcesolutionstexoma.com/viagra-buy renewed image of Emthanjeni Municipality.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.